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The Complete Business Guide to the 8 Phases of CLM
Understand the 8 phases of CLM to inform decision-making and successful contract execution

Organizations depend on contracts, making contract management an essential business process. From request to post-execution activities, understanding each of the eight phases of contract lifecycle management (CLM) is paramount to informed decision-making and successful contract execution. Digitally transforming contract management by leveraging CLM software amplifies these benefits, ensuring seamless navigation through complexities and enhancing overall organizational efficiency.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contract lifecycle management consists of 8 key phases: request and intake, authoring and drafting, negotiation and collaboration, reviews and approvals, execution and signatures, obligations and commitments, auditing and reporting, and end-of-contract actions.
  • Effective contract lifecycle management can make your organization more efficient, more profitable, and more competitive.
  • CLM software streamlines the contract management process through automation and tracks every step of the process.
  • The Complete Business Guide to the 8 Phases of CLM

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